Thursday, June 2, 2016

New Blog

In January 2009 there was no Instagram, so I started this blog with the idea of sharing and documenting my creations. Anything from character design, life drawing, doodles, animation and crochet dolls.  Some years were better than others and it’s not because I wasn’t creating something.
Somewhere in the way I lost sight of why I love art and crafts. And even though I was creating stuff I didn’t think they were worth sharing. I think I got scared of being judged so I judged my creations too harshly before anyone else had the chance to do so. In that process “my creativity got so beaten up that I got scared of creating altogether. Tough luck if your paycheck depends on that!
Some months ago I realized that I needed to get back creating for myself, just because I love it. I’ve been researching, looking for a way to recover my love and passion for art and how to make a living of it in a healthy way. In that process I’ve found that a lot of people go through the same or they are at risk of the same downfall.
At the same time, I’ve been learning how to jump into freelancing. It’s true I’ve been working as a freelancer for about 6 years, but really I was employed by different studios or business for long periods of time. It’s just very recently that I’ve had to “find” clients on a regular basis. So I want to share that knowledge.
I’d love to share what I’ve found with the world. I want to help others find the resources and knowledge that we don’t get in school (any school) about work, clients, professionalism, freelancing, artist’s block, etc.
In order to share everything I’ve learned and keep finding in the way, I need another kind of platform. Something more flexible and with more resources. I’ve been working on a brand new corner of the internet.
Thank you Blogger! you’ve served me well but now it’s time to say goodbye. I’m moving!!

 Visit my New Blog!! / ¡¡Visita mi Nuevo Blog!!