Monday, January 12, 2009

I've been thinking about creating a blog for a long time now, I have a DA [Deviant Art] account that I can't keep so I thought having a blog would be too much for me, but hey! I have to push myself!!

So here I am, with my brand new blog :D The idea of this blog is to keep my creative side active, as an art and animation student I've lost perspective a lot of times, why did I chose animation and not psychology?

The truth is that I have been inspired by the work posted by other artists in their blogs and I also think that this will be a good way to keep track of myself, force me to draw more and share it with the world, hopefully I'll get comments to improve my work.

I designed this character for my Toom Boom short film, and I discovered that the concept art part of the process is my favourite one. I'll post some screen shots of the film asap.

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