Wednesday, May 18, 2016

100 Days Project

Long time no see! I broke my promise of writing once per week. No excuses there. I have to find the way to do it. I have a plan and I hope it pans out this time.

In my absence I’ve been very busy still working on the Artist’s Way and I have to say that, in my experience, it works. To give myself a boost in my drawing I found a daily drawing challenge, I’ve talked about it before, the Random Word Challenge. It started very casual, with no professional illustrators involved, or not that I’m aware of, and that was perfect to let me just draw.

The first 10 days became 40 and then 60. At this point I’m far from perfect or at a level that I’d like to be BUT I enjoy drawing again and I do it every day. Yes, I drew when I had to because of work. Those animations, backgrounds and characters didn’t design themselves. But it wasn’t something I enjoyed. Now it’s fun again!!

The 60 days are up, and knowing me, I’ll need something to keep me motivated and accountable. I’ve been reading about 100 Days Projects. That sounds just like the perfect next step for me. I thought my project should include cats but I’ve been a bit indecisive on how to approach it, should I use any technique I can think of or should I pick one technique and perfect it. 

If I chose the latter, then I think I’d go for inking. I love the elegance of black and white illustrations and the versatility of the medium. So it could be a great excuse for experimentation and a learning process. For now, I’ll go with inking but I might change my mind in the future. Here is the first cat.

Leave your comments, thoughts, opinions in the comments area. This time I actually turned on the notifications so I’ll know ride away that you are around.

Thanks for reading and see you next week.

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