Friday, March 4, 2016

On My Way to Art Recovery

It’s been years since I can’t just draw for pleasure. I have been working and therefore I’ve been drawing and creating illustrations and animations. But I haven’t felt like drawing just for the fun of it. I tried many times, just to feel sad and frustrated after staring at the blank page.

I came across Julia Cameron's The Artist’s Way a couple of months ago, I read about it somewhere so I went ahead and bought the digital version, I started reading it and everything spoke to me deeply, so I got excited, I really wanted to start. And I found excuses, lots of them, so I put it off.

Last week, around the time I decided I was going to write in my blog at least once per week, I decided to follow The Artist’s Way program, it’s 12 weeks of exercises, that’s not too long compared to the time I’ve been feeling like a cheat because I don’t enjoy making art anymore.

I started the morning pages a week ago. I think I just needed to prove myself that I want to recover my creative spark and I will. So just morning pages and one artist date this week, I’m calling it week 0 since I didn’t do any other activity from week 1. Hell, I just read Week 1 today! 

It’s just week 0 and I feel much better because I’m taking action, and not just in the program, but because I started working on personal projects, more than one. That is a big win for me!! 

Since all my work from the week is still in progress I’m attaching an older piece (just a month old), to celebrate that Spring is coming.

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